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                  公司现有日屠宰、加工黄牛150头的生产线一条, 库容量600吨和2000吨的冷库各一座。公司在四川、黑龙江、新疆木垒等地设有分厂。公司法人有着很强的市场把控能力和创新意识。公司管理规范,人员团结务实,人力资源配置合理,内部管理严谨,依法、诚信、合规经营,经营状况优良,具有很好的持续性发展态势。

                  公司2008年被漯河市人民政府评为“重合同,守信用企业”,2009年 被郾城区政府授予“农副产品深加工龙头企业”,2011年9月 被漯河市政府授予“农业产业化市级龙头企业”,被认定为河南省清真食品知名企业,2012年 被认定为十二五期间全国民族特需商品定点生产企业,2013年 成为河南省清真食品行业协会理事单位,2014年获 得A级纳税人称号,被漯河市委市政府授予“工业1351工程”重点企业,双汇集团也确定我公司为豫南牛羊肉定点供应商。2018年 被授予“河南省农业产业化省级龙头企业”,被授予“十三五定点企业”。

                  Luohe Tianwei food Co., Ltd is the most professional Muslim meat food company in South Central Henan,which integrates flocks and herds breed,acquisition,slaughter,processing,coldstorage and sales. Our company was founded in 2004. Mr. Zhou Guangqiang is the Legalrepresentative registered for 6 million RMB. We have more than 100 employees, include 10experts and relevant technical personnel. The company located in the town of longcheng huimaIndustrialpark of Yancheng District Luohe city, covers an area of 60 acres.

                  We have the slaughter and process production line for the number of 150 cattle in the day and also have one storage capacity for 600ton and 2000ton cold storage. Our company set branches factory in Sichuan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang mulei and other places. The corporate representative has strong market control ability and innovation consciousness. We have effective management measures, the distribution resources, strict internal management. We obey the law, have integrity, compliance management, good conditions and have a very good sustainable developmenttrend.

                  Our company get the reward from the Luohe Municipal People's Government as observes contracts and keep promise enterprise in 2008. In 2009 the company awarded the leading enterprises in deep processing of agricultural and subsidiary products, and named for famous enterprise of Muslim food in Henan province by the Yancheng District Government. It also identified as the national special commodity fixed-point production enterprise during the 12th Five-Year Plan in 2012. Named to be the director unit of the association of Muslim food industry of Henan province in 2013. In 2014 acquired taxpayer and awarded the"industrial 1351 Engineering"key enterprises by Luohe Municipal Government. Shuanghui Group also designated our company as Henan meat Designated supplier.In 2018, it was awarded "the provincial leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Henan Province" and "the 135 designated enterprises".

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